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Since Neeko is an AP mage, she is able to output serious damage but lacks standard support abilities. She does have a very solid root ability, but that’s about it. Pantheon definitely isn’t a meta support , but he’s one of the most efficient. Playing Pantheon is a bold choice, so if you’re going to play him as part of an off-meta bot lane combo, make sure you’re confident. Another great item is Zeke’s Convergence, which will grant additional damage to your chosen ally when you Immobilize an enemy champion. Having the perfect build is key, and knowing exactly which items to grab is a necessary skill in League of Legends.

Oh, she also has a healing ability that increases her target’s attack speed, so she can also play a supportive role to her ADCs if she ever falls behind. The potential for her AD build was there from the start, but linked web site lone buff came in patch 9.5 and affected her E ability, Tangled Barb. Combinations with Empowered Tangled Barbs flourish so that Neeko cannot move for long periods of time, making her a strong beneficiary that can do a ton of damage. Also, while not inherently a weakness, many players have yet to optimize and master this character, making her seem completely useless in the wrong hands, much like the “my Yasuo vs. the enemy Yasuo” conundrum.

She is picked professionally not only for her high damage and artillery/assassin playstyle, but also because there are very specific champions that work extremely well with her currently. While any form of CC works great with her, characters that have point-and-click stuns and snares synergize extremely well. With Renekton, for example, Nidalee can land an easy long-ranged spear as a follow-up to his easy point-and-click stun, then switch into her primal form to go for the assassination. For this reason, characters like Renekton, Lissandra, and Twisted Fate are often picked alongside Nidalee, because they enable her to pretty much guarantee a long-ranged spear.

However, Annie does suffer from being very squishy without any mobility, so she can be an easy target to pick off if she doesn’t have Tibbers or her stun ready. I wouldn’t recommend picking her blindly or against highly aggressive duos, but outside that, she’s among the best off-meta supports in LoL. He’s similar to supports like Leona and Zyra in that way, but he has more potential to carry his ADC than they do. In many cases, Pantheon is probably seen as a greedy support, but the pressure he applies to his lane is undeniable. He can also help his ADC get kills via his stun, but that’s not the reason anyone plays him. Sure, Pantheon might take more kills for himself than he assists with, but it’ll work out in the end if done correctly.

Miss Fortune support has been a thing for years now, and I doubt it’ll ever truly go away. The main draw to playing her as a support is how her abilities work. Miss Fortune’s abilities require much more deliberate movement and set-up than the average ADC’s, so being able to freely try and set up optimal situations for her is easier as a support than as an ADC. Her E-ability can slow enemies enough for the ADC to secure a kill, and her ultimate is easily capable of picking off anyone that might get away. While it has been changed a bit since release, it is still a viable option when you want to optimize the damage done to your enemy laners.

To narrow the statistics and builds to a distinct player tier, you may use the selection menu above. Champs who typically don’t earn much CS usualy don’t have to have much CS to be effective, such as support champions. They are able to scale properly off of their skills, stats, and first items alone. Yet, champions with large amounts of CS, such as hyper-carries, often need many items to be effective.

When you complete your Legendary items, this item grants you 15 Ability Power for each one built. If you do not plan on optimizing your Ability Haste, Boots of Mobility might be your go-to. These boots are especially effective on Janna, since the damage on her W ability also scales with Movement Speed. It is also effective to choose these boots on champions like Leona, Thresh, and Rakan, since early Movement Speed in the laning phase can be extremely oppressive, especially on supports who can engage.

The stats provided here emphasize several valuable Kai’Sa vs. Neeko matchup statistics that may help us distinguish the differences between the pair. As an example, Kai’Sa’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of NaN is more than Neeko’s ratio of NaN, showing that Kai’Sa may be more central to her team’s team fighting capability than Neeko.. The ideal items to have in your Ryze versus Neeko build consist of Everfrost, Seraph’s Embrace, and Zhonya’s Hourglass. When Ryze incorporated at least these three items in his build, he did much better when fighting Neeko than with most other common counter builds. In fact, Ryze boasted an average winrate of 40.2% when countering Neeko with these items in his kit.

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