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Even though it’s nearly twice or three times as expensive as some competitors, customers feel the investment is worth it and they love the product. We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. ✿【SAFETY】There is a flame safety lock on the top, when the torch not in use, switch the lock to right, it will prevent the torch be operated by pressing the button accidentally.

They began literally as a “”blown lamp””, a wick oil lamp with a mouth-blown tube alongside the flame. This type of lamp, with spirit fuel, continued to be in use for such small tasks into the late 20th century. A blowtorch is a fuel-burning tool used for applying  jet flame lighter and heat to various applications, usually metalworking.

Caramelize sugar, torch your vegetables to skin them or use it for around the house soldering jobs. 【ADJUSTABLE FLAME AND REFILLABLE】Our blow torch features a flame conversion shaft to easily adjust flame. If you’re still getting acquainted with using a kitchen torch at home, start with something approachable and easy to control. This torch comes with butane so you don’t need to worry about ordering that separately.

A gas torch flame gun, even though easy to use, should be handled with care. Flambe guns use LPG or kerosene, propane or butane as fuel and are refillable. There are different capacities and brands of gas guns in the market. Many brands are available online – Kofy, AQB, JUST ONE CLICK, DOOR STEP SHOPPING, Digital Craft, etc. A flambe torch is used by cooks, jewellery makers, metal workers, resin artists, architects.

This torch also boasts an anti-grease finish torch grip so that you can easily handle the torch even if your hands are a little oily . This model can shoot up to 6 inches of fire and the convenient finger guard ensures that you’re safe from making contact with the super-hot flame. The gas control knob makes for a super consistent and steady flame, which is ideal when you’re glossing over the sugar on a crème brûlée. A gas flame lighter should be good in quality and durable as well.

So, think before choosing gas lighters keeping all your needs in your mind. That is why, when you are going to buy a gas lighter, always go for some reputed and well-known brand, which will give you the guarantee of the quality as well the durability of the gas lighters. There are many top brands that manufacture various kinds of gas lighters are Prestige, Pigeon, zepdeal, Alishan, Omic, Scorpio and more. The gas lighters not only add functionality to a kitchen, but also increase the style of the kitchen’s interior. These gas lighters are also fully water resistant and very durable. You will get a number of gas lighters in various vibrant colors which are designed perfectly.

This EurKitchen torch offers plenty of control and strength, making it an obvious choice for any crème brûlée enthusiast. The canister can hold 12 grams of butane and the convenient fuel gauge allows you to know when you’re running low and need to refuel. Iwatani is a classic Japanese brand known for its high-quality torches and attention to detail.

If you’re not quite ready to make the investment on this kitchen purchase, it’s a great idea to start with this model, which is less than $20. Try it out on a homemade crème brûlée or try torching a few marshmallows to get comfortable with the torch. This model is on the smaller side so you don’t have to worry about any excessively huge flames that could be intimidating for your first go around. The canister holds about 8-10 grams of butane and when it’s all out, you’ll need to refill it.

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