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General Electric Company is one of the global digital industrial companies. The NYSE: GE at company’s products and services are ranged from aircraft engines, power generation, and oil and gas production, financing, and industrial products. These segments are including Power, which is including products and services related to energy production; Renewable Energy is offering renewable power sources. Oil & Gas are including liquefied natural gas and pipelines. Aviation includes commercial and military aircraft engines, and integrated digital components, among others. Healthcare is providing medical imaging, digital solutions, patient monitoring, and diagnostics, and drug discovery, among others. Transportation is a supplying railroad, mining, marine, stationary power, and drilling industries. Energy Connections & Lighting is including  Energy Connections and Lighting businesses, and Capital that is a financial services division.

GE Aviation For Digital Agreement

  • Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) selected NYSE: GE Aviation for a comprehensive digital agreement including FlightPulse® and eFOQA. This program is providing ATSG subsidiary airlines ABX Air, Air Transport International, and Omni Air International access to advanced analytics with enriched data sets that will ultimately drive a greater understanding of flight trends.
  • GE Aviation’s FlightPulse and eFOQA are integral tools used by our airlines to enhance their already rigorous safety programs and further ensure. These training programs and operating policies are meeting the highest standards of operational excellence, commented Ed Koharik, a chief operating officer with ATSG.
  • FlightPulse is one of the mobile apps that is used aircraft data and smart analytics to enable pilots to securely access their flying metrics and trends. FlightPulse can be reduced operational risk, and it is improved pilot awareness through advanced flight data analytics.
  • FlightPulse will be used to put actionable and relevant pre- and post-flight information in pilots’ hands allowing them to operate at the highest level of effectiveness, said Andrew Coleman, GM of the Digital Group for GE Aviation. When FlightPulse and eFOQA are combined, quality and accurate data are providing a major enabler to improving safety, efficiency and sustainability.
  • FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) is also commonly referred to as FDM (Flight Data Monitoring). It is the process of analyzing and reviewing routinely recorded flight data. Airlines and operators are better able to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards in flight operations.
  • eFOQA is GE Aviation’s premier service for helping operators around the world understand and improve safety. Navigation data and terrain mapping are identifying safety events and measurements on thousands of flights every day. You can check more stocks information at

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